Sphinx V2 Nefertiti Limited Edition

Nefertiti LE from Sphinx V2 with limited Serialized numbers. Only 20 units available.


Picture shown here are 3 types of settings for SPHINX V2 body for eVic which can easily accommodate either a 18350 short battery, or a 18490/ 18500 medium battery, or even a 18650 long battery. Built from quality alloy aircraft material, Sphinx V2 is made with highly precision and detailed as to assure our customers will get a high quality aftermarket body, worth owning. (eVic Control Head not included)


This is the 1st picture of the upcoming SPHINX V2 which will be available in the market soon.


Congratulations to all 1st batch SPHINX owner! This accessories is on the way to your doorsteps. Thank you for supporting us. We will announce for the 2nd batch soon. Thank you!

SPHINX Accessories And Tank

The 1st Batch for SPHINX accessories is officially closed on the 21st March 2013. We're expecting the accessories to be moved from the factory to our office by today. Please be informed that packaging and postage arrangements etc. will take 2-3 working days before it can finally be shipped to your destination.

We hope all customers could be patient as we're trying our very best to arrange everything ASAP and make sure SPHINX accessories safely reaches your door steps.

The image above is a Prototype of SPHINX accessories complete with its newly Prototype SPHINX tank. The tank is still under development and we have yet to decide whether to produce a cartomizer base tank, or genesis style tank; or it might be both.

Confirmed SPHINX V.1 Design

Confirmed and actual prototype of SPHINX V.1 to be launch by late Feb 2013.

Latest Announcement - SPHINX V.1 Newly Design Accessories

Due to some technical issues on the design of v.1 accessories, we have decided to change the original design to a new one, making it more sleek and simple. The top cap has been designed to flush with any tanks. The symbols which represent SPHINX unique feature has been shifted to the bottom cap. Production for this accessories will only commence in middle of February. we are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this delay.

We hope all customers will keep on supporting us. We will continue to update on our products and make sure it will be available in the market soon.

Thank you.